And the war begins.

Who here reading this blog has ever been in a fight? An altercation? a “verbal disagreement” if you will. Anyone? Yea? Well since im assuming that EVERYONE has been in something, ill just move on. well how many people regretted said fight? not many. Well I’m here to tell you all a little story involving me. And a certain baseball players mother.

Set the scene. My beloved Orioles are 12-25. I’m upset, just like every other fan. At least the ones we have left. So i comment on my Facebook friend (Carmen) Mesa Robinson’s picture. She was wearing an Adam Jones jersey. so i leave a comment. It says “Booo”. and It’s all downhill from there. NEVER in a bazillion years did i expect Adam Jones to comment. Well he didn’t. BUT HIS MOTHER DID! She took everything i said the wrong way. and now im sad to say that the Orioles, as well as Adam LaMarque Jones, are going to more than likely hate me. and all i did was say a few things that everyone else is saying. Dont get me wrong, Adam KILLED it last year. He impressed EVERYONE. But this year he has been in what hopefully is a slump.

Moral to the story is, im pretty much fucked in the eyes of the Orioles. The only baseball team i love now hates my guts. Great. Awesome weekend. Not.

Stay Classy… and Peaceful,


ps. To read the “fight” click here —>

pss. I am sorry if i offended anyone.

psss. Kinda.


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