And the war begins.

Who here reading this blog has ever been in a fight? An altercation? a “verbal disagreement” if you will. Anyone? Yea? Well since im assuming that EVERYONE has been in something, ill just move on. well how many people regretted said fight? not many. Well I’m here to tell you all a little story involving me. And a certain baseball players mother.

Set the scene. My beloved Orioles are 12-25. I’m upset, just like every other fan. At least the ones we have left. So i comment on my Facebook friend (Carmen) Mesa Robinson’s picture. She was wearing an Adam Jones jersey. so i leave a comment. It says “Booo”. and It’s all downhill from there. NEVER in a bazillion years did i expect Adam Jones to comment. Well he didn’t. BUT HIS MOTHER DID! She took everything i said the wrong way. and now im sad to say that the Orioles, as well as Adam LaMarque Jones, are going to more than likely hate me. and all i did was say a few things that everyone else is saying. Dont get me wrong, Adam KILLED it last year. He impressed EVERYONE. But this year he has been in what hopefully is a slump.

Moral to the story is, im pretty much fucked in the eyes of the Orioles. The only baseball team i love now hates my guts. Great. Awesome weekend. Not.

Stay Classy… and Peaceful,


ps. To read the “fight” click here —>

pss. I am sorry if i offended anyone.

psss. Kinda.

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Not my goodies…

Hello world! Seems like it’s been forever. Maybe it has, maybe it hasn’t, but let’s get right to the point. This week’s word of the week is, you guessed it, “FUCK“. Why you ask? well how many times a day do you find yourself saying, FUCK! I mean i personally say it about 6 to 700 times a day. Sometimes its about pointless things, such as the weather, call of duty, or my dog. But other times, such as this fine day, the word FUCK actually has a meaning. Here are some things that piss me off.

Baltimore is no longer “Charm City”. Nope, that’s right folks. We now have a slogan. A way to promote a new Baltimore, we are now, Baltimore: Find your happy place. Hmm. I don’t know about you guys, but uh… What? Why? And my personal favorite, Really? Oh! and guess how much we spent on this new slogan. Actually, don’t guess. ill tell you. 500. and no, not 500 dollars. 500,000 dollars. on a slogan. that i myself, could have come up with, probably for 5. Why are we in a depression again? ohh wait I remember, SHIT LIKE THIS! Jesus Christ O’Malley, why don’t you throw MORE money away. Please? It’s not even a good title! “Find your happy place”. WHERE! On Martin Luther King Blvd? In jail? For gods sake, you can’t even be happy at an Orioles game. if they wanted a quote, they should have come to me. For example:

  • Baltimore: Dont get shot.
  • Baltimore: We don’t win baseball games.
  • Baltimore: Good luck.

All of those would have been PERFECT for our “fine” city.

Moving on. Lebron James. We know you are leaving Cleveland. We get it. but for our sake, please try? don’t quit in the middle of a game that in all honesty you could have one with one arm. you are the best player in the world right now. and you have Shaq. and you get stomped by the Celtics. Yes, i know the Celtics are good, but none of them are “The King”, “The Best”, or in Vitamin Water commercials. Get it together man.

Speaking of sports. The Orioles suck. Ravens don’t.

And that pretty much sums up how im feeling at the moment. So let’s get some happy thoughts going! Softball goes down at 2 this saturday. If you think you have had fun with sports, then you need to join us. it’s basically a party. With a bat. And gloves. And gym shorts. you get the picture. Plus, we could always use a few more people. so come play.

Yesterday, Thursday, Colby challenged me and Jesse’s team in Call of Duty. We are going to win. Nuff said.

And so concludes another blog.

So stay classy,


ps. Slap a baby in the morning, slap a baby in the night.

pss. To fly, take one bottle of above mentioned, “Happy Thoughts”. (if side effects occur, you need to  seek out Dr. Pan)

psss. Get your PREAK on.

pssss. Yes, “Not my goodies” is refernce to a Ciara ft Petey Pablo song. Dont ask.

psssss. Sorry for all the Ps’s.

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It’s the end of the world.

Alright. Second post. Here we go!

So it’s been 4 days or so since i posted “The Number One”. If you are just reading this, fear not, “The Number One” is nothing special. Just the first of my blogs. It’s very early this thursday morning and I have to work in a couple of hours, so I should be sleeping. Yea well, I’m not. Moving on…

I don’t know if Colburn was attacking me in his blog about softball, but if he was, no big deal. I could care less. If anything, he was freaking out to begin with. I just stated i was going to change stuff. But I do want to apologize, because the time got changed anyway. So Colburn, I’m sorry. But you did rape me. HAHA! Sorry buddy. Had too.

So lets talk about weed. I don’t smoke, but i know countless others that do. I don’t think it’s such a big deal, but i do have one problem with it: People that “fake” a high. If you laughing at everything around you, and you think EVERYTHING in the world is funny, and your grabbing people and telling them you love them, YOUR FAKING! Grow up. Seriously. No one cares if your high, and no one cares that you smoked. God forbid we don’t notice you high. FUCK!

So my buddy Ryan is dating a french girl. Thats all i really need to say to get a laugh out of some people. haha.

So lets wrap this thing up. Basically, dont fake a high, and if you do, you’re a piece of shit. Also, eat a cookie and a big dick ERRYDAY.

Oh, last thing. How do you misspell words in your blog, when there is a spellcheck? yea I don’t get it…

You stay classy,


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The Number One.

          Hey. Names Mike. I’m new to this, and let’s be honest, the only reason im even blogging right now is because Bryan, Drew, Colby, Ryan, and some man i have yet to meet named Peaslee. I don’t know how to do anything on this bitch yet, but soon enough, ill be a blog master, like those mentioned above. To those of you who are going to say it, YES, I jumped on the blog bandwagon. Suck it up. I’m not here to be serious. I promise.

Ok. A few things about me. I don’t care what you say about me. So don’t say it. I listen to what most would call “Hipster Music”, and i don’t care if you like it or not. I also listen to a lot of other music, but im clearing it up for those who would want to know. I love the Ravens and the Orioles, even though the latter sucks. I hate people who drag their feet when they walk. Like jesus christ… pick up your fucking feet. Ohhh! By the way. I curse. ALOT.And I probably won’t post on here as much as i should. I guess that’s it for now.

Since this is a blog, I’ll make a point. Fuck Adam Jones. Just FUCK him. Period.

So i guess that’s it. Until next time…

You stay classy, America.

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